About the Bermuda End-to-End

Great Fun for a Good Cause

The Bermuda End-to-End first started as a get fit challenge between a group of friends … “I’ll bet you can’t walk Bermuda from end to end!”  Steadily, more people decided to join the fun and the event was formalised in our charity “fun raiser” which attracts thousands of people every year to walk, ride or swim across Bermuda, while raising money for local charities.  In addition, thousands of people line the route of the walk to encourage our participants, creating the social buzz that makes the Bermuda End-to-End so special.

34 Years of Fun Raising

The Bermuda End-to-End Charitable Trust is a registered charity (#558) whose efforts are coordinated by a volunteer committee.  All pledges raised by our participants are distributed amongst that year’s selected charities. Event costs are funded through corporate sponsorship and participants’ entry fees.  The AXA End-to-End event and its participants have raised more than $5.89 million distributed in grants to 210 local charities since 1988.  See our previous charity donations (pdf).


The Bermuda End-to-End Charitable Trust was one of the first charities to be certified by the Bermuda National Standards Committee in 2011 against international standards for charity good governance. In 2018, 2019 and 2020 ETE was awarded funding in the Beacon Awards Scheme from the BNSC organization for stellar organization. See our audited financial statements.


Pictured Above: 2019 sponsors, charities and board members at the February kick-off reception.

Our Organisers: Our Event Managed by Our Board of Trustees with the Assistance of Select Sites Group

Our Organising Board Includes:  Anne Mello (Chair), Mandy Shailer (Deputy Chair), Chris Burns, Stephen Davidson, Sian Blackmore , Jennifer Haworth, Nathan Moore, Denzil Nelson, Tammy Richardson, Richard Simon and Stephen Warren

Ex Officio Members: Starla Williams (Select Sites Group) and Gabriella Carboneri (Recording Secretary)

The End-to-End requires a substantial commitment from our hundreds of volunteers.  We thank our “retirees” from previous End-to-Ends:

Founders & Friends:  Jon Borrill, Paul Rowlerson, Clive Cotton and Eugene Carmichael

Past Board Members:  Angela Adams, Mark Bingham, Ian Boatman, Catherine Booth, Donald Bowman, Mieah DeFontes, Terri Durrant, Valerie Dill, Bob Flath, Lloyd Hackel, Zeudi Hinds, Geneva Humdy-Woodley, Sharon Leman, Karen Madeiros, Karen Nagel, Diane Newman, Denise O’Donoghue, Ralph Richardson, Jennifer Robinson, Maureen Ryan, Ian Birch, Graham Smith, Chase Toogood, Hazel Taylor, Henry Tavares, Karon Wolffe, Kevin Richards, Zoe Kempe-Gibson, Nicole Harrison, Alex Wilburz and Bianca Marshall