Great Fun for a Good Cause!

Proceeds will be used to fund non-sectarian Bermuda charitable projects, programmes and/or operating expenses that will help to support and strengthen local families and our community at a time there is dire need due to Covid.

  • Imagine the thought of vision loss! Vision Bermuda offers a multitude of resources and programmes including life skills that help visually impaired locals lead independent lives as much as possible.
  • The Bermuda Zoological Society Schools Programme represents a comprehensive learning ground for Bermuda’s youth with educational programmes to help students acquire awareness and sensitivity of our natural world.
  • Directly impacting over 450 families every year, The Family Centre are committed to supporting the well-being of the whole family and as such makes a substantial and much needed contribution to our community.
  • The Skills Development Programme, created by The Bermuda Garden Club, provides a positive impact to several of Bermuda’s at risk youth through a number of initiatives such as in depth horticultural training, maintenance of railway trails and other public green spaces, plus work experience; opening the doorway to long term and rewarding careers and a sense of community.